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“Level Up” Your Development Team: Ideas and Implementation

A stagnant dev team isn’t just a bored team, it’s also a team that isn’t adapting to the needs of the marketplace. How do you make sure your developers keep learning and growing, while also keeping them focused on the work that pays the bills?

I’ll identify some new technologies and techniques that are ripe for leveling into, and some ideas on how to get your developers started.

I’ll also discuss how to keep your developers motivated to grow and learn, as well as how to make sure this growth fits within an overall plan for your organization.  

  • Some key points of the talk will be:
    • Build developer capability in areas such as:
    • Front-end Javascript frameworks (React, Vue, etc)
    • Use of Pattern Lab 
    • Dev environments such as Docksal
    • Modern responsive tools such as Flexbox and CSS Grid
  • Ideas for effective implementation
    • Online classes/tutorials
    • Internal development needs
    • “Guinea pig” clients
    • Charity/pro-bono projects and initiatives
Experience level: