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Shift Left Testing for Continuous Collaboration

Testing has become an integral part of the Drupal development process, but it's frequently centered around technical aspects and is only implemented toward the end of the project.

Shift left testing is the process of moving the testing phase left of its usual position in the delivery pipeline so that it occurs as close as possible to the build process. By proactively testing integrations early and often, you can isolate most defects sooner for faster remediation, resulting in more efficient projects that are higher quality.

Continuous Collaboration is a software delivery approach in which organizations work seamlessly together across technical and non-technical departments. The approach aims to reduce the friction inherent in software development projects. It aligns an organization's decision making processes by allowing nontechnical stakeholders and team members to contribute and give meaningful feedback on a day-to-day basis. As with CI and CD, CC also ensures that any changes or features that have reached the end of the process can be deployed.

In this session we will look at the history of the concepts of Kaizan, Kanban, and "shifting left", we will look at some of the tools which allow for Continuous Collaboration, such as Probo.ci, Pantheon Multidev, and Tugbot.qa. A previous version of this session, from BADCAmp, can be foind

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