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Site Building for Content Strategists

Drupal is one of the most powerful content management systems for organizations with a large volume of structured data. If you're a content strategist with a bit of site-building-savvy, or a site builder with a bit of content-strategy-savvy, you can make powerful interfaces that will help you, your clients, and your developers work with content more effectively.

In this talk, I'll discuss:

  • Making early architectural decisions -- including whether to add a list field, or taxonomy reference field, or entity reference field to your content type and why it matters
  • Comparing tools for organizing elements within your content types and templates
  • Creating administrative views to provide content administrators with more visibility into content patterns at a glance
  • Addressing your governance needs within your site building process

This talk will be targeted at content strategists and site builders with beginner-to-intermediate experience.

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