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Using Machine Learning to Improve UX

Drupal excels at empowering people to manage data and curate their content. With the initiative towards further decoupled architectures, we can serve that content in a variety of new and interesting ways. Drupal is already really really good at storing and maintaining lots of data. Now imagine the possibilities of analyzing that data with machine learning tools. From predictively serving content based on event data and algorithms that study user trends to sentiment analysis, and beyond.

Imagine the capability to:

* Suggest other related products a user might be interested in purchasing based on past trends
* Find music recommendations based on a user's recent interactions with other music tracks
* Perform Lead Scoring (likelihood that a user will convert in the current session)
* Understand overall user sentiment around a given topic and context
* Predict financial trading patterns
* Detect live earthquakes from twitter feeds, faster than a geologic center can issue a warning

These goals are now possible, along with much much more.

Together we'll embark on a journey to connect Drupal and Apache PredictionIO, using machine learning algorithms to learn how to gain better insights with predictive analysis on the data stored within Drupal.

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