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Using Pa11y to Automate Accessibility Testing

Developing and maintaining an accessible website requires a lot of work. Traditionally, accessibility testing has been a manual process involving browser plug-ins, and web services. But recently, automated accssibility testing tools have become a staple in the worklfow of testing and maintaining large, feature-rich websites. There are a number of automated testing tools to choose from, but in this session rather than run through the pros and cons of these tools, we will demonstrate how to set up a fully automated workflow using the pa11y automated accessibility testing tool. Together with some common front-end build tools and continuous integration tools, we will demonstrate:

  • How to configure options for tests.
  • Hot to choose what parts of your site to test.
  • How to integrate testing into your continuous integration workflow.
  • How to identify what is appropriate for automated testing, and what requires additional manual testing.

At the end of this session participants should have a better understanding of automated accesibility workflows, and be in a good position to start using pa11y, or use their new found knowledge to evaluate and implement other testing tools.

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