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Creating a Performance Measurement Framework

Use a Performance Measurement Framework to inform priorities and growth!

You will likely get many different answers if you asked any one person on a development team, designers, subject matter experts, or key stakeholders: "How do we measure the success of this project?" That can be a problem because people are working from too many directions to be considered a team effort.

We will fix that in this presentation by reviewing the strategy to create a "Performance Measurement Framework" for everyone to rally behind. This is a living thing that can change, while aligning everyone under common Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and holding people responsible for their hypotheses they recommend to improve those measurements. This work is heavily inspired by The Lean Startup, Agile development practices, and growth-driven design.

The slides for this presentation are here: http://bit.ly/ut-performance-measurement-framework
You can see an example of me presenting on a different topic here: https://vimeo.com/348632395

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