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Managing Burnout in the Tech Community

We are told that we need to take a vacation, buy something nice, or achieve work/life balance. But those actions do not get to the source of burnout. Within days, stress returns as fierce as ever. Without addressing the causes of habitual stress, we will never experience the wholeness of our lives.

A majority of US adults suffer from on-the-job burnout. This leads to serious physical and psychological illness, low productivity, declining motivation, rising turnover rates, and increasing healthcare costs.

The growing public health crisis that is stress can be understood from a scientific perspective. Join a trained mindfulness teacher, with a many decades long IT career, as we address how organizations can tap into their ability to adjust organizational culture to care for those for whom we are responsible. We will discuss the concept of mindfulness, and how it works to reduce stress, leaving us empowered, productive, and fulfilled.

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