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Site Building

Site Building for Content Strategists

Drupal is one of the most powerful content management systems for organizations with a large volume of structured data. If you're a content strategist with a bit of site-building-savvy, or a site builder with a bit of content-strategy-savvy, you can make powerful interfaces that will help you, your clients, and your developers work with content more effectively.

In this talk, I'll discuss:

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Crazy Tricks with Views

Dive into the more complex ways the Views module can be used to create content lists with robust functionality. We’ll walk you through a year’s worth of Drupal 8 projects that had their own unique quirks and desires, and show you the little intricacies, roadblocks, and landmines we came across, and solutions not found in documentation. Come learn the creative ways we used to blow through (and beyond) the limitations of Drupal 8 Views and its integrations with other modules.

Through case studies and examples, this presentation will highlight how to:

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